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Sponsor Me Video!

Check out my Sponsor Me video from clips I put together from this past season.  It was a spectacular season even though I  broke another collar bone and missed a month of the season.  I still progressed and even learned back and front flips!  Can’t wait for the snow to start falling again!

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Rail/Box Video Edit

Here is a short edit of me doing some boxes and rails at Mt. High earlier this season.

My 2011-2012 Season Edit

I cant believe the season is already over. Seemed like it just started! Good news is…the next one starts in only a few months!

2010-2011 Video Edit

Here is my 2010-2011 video edit for my first full season snowboarding!

Shredding March Air Force Base

Just a short video of me working on some tricks at the local skatepark!

No Tony Hawk, You Rock!

Short clip of the legendary and iconic skateboarder, Tony Hawk, giving The Flyin’ Filipino a shout out on the streets of LA at the Xgames!!!

The Flyin’ Filipino jumping over a fire hydrant!

Here is the Flyin’ Filipino (AKA me) jumping over a fire hydrant infront of our house!

Backside 180!

Here is a short video of me doing one of my first ever backside 180s!

Frontside 180!

Here is a video of my first frontside 180 caught on film!

Jumps on Boaderline!

Here is a quick video of me doing a couple of the jumps on Boaderline.

Keyser James Murphy

March 5th, 2003
Riverside, Ca
Home Slope:
Mt. High, Ca
23 cm
Front 15, Back -15
Flow (120 cm)
S&S Ride Shop, The Flyin' Filipino