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Good Morning, El Nino!

It’s official El Nino has arrived and so have I!!!! LOL  So far the season has started off with a bang as I now have 4 sponsors (686, Shock Doctor, JLab Audio and Game on Snacks).  The competition season is in full swing and so far, I have done well.  I took 1st place in two rail jams, second in the other.  I also won one slopestyle competition with a switchback 360, cab 180, straight air and back 360!  I also took 2nd in the other slopestyle.

There is one more rail jam competition as well as one more slopestyle.  If I do well, I am hopeful to qualify for Nationals USASA in Copper Mountain in March in both disciplines!

Thanks again for all your support and especially my sponsors who have hooked me up with their dope products!1st PlaceKeyser Bear Mountain Rail Jam

Tough Break (literally)!

As many of you know, this year was a tough year for me for snowboarding.  The season started off awesome as I was home-schooled and was riding about 5 hours a day/6 days a week.  Unfortunately, my season was cut short when I broke my collar bone during a competition.  It’s been about 10 weeks from my crash and I am pretty much 100% (I have one more xray later this month) and am hoping they clear me to ride again.  I am hoping that maybe my dad will take me to Mammoth for a few days to finish off the season.  If not, I will be up at High Cascade again this June and can’t wait to get back on the snow!

Thanks for all your support and hope you see you on the mountain!

3rd in Monster Recon Slopestyle Comp!

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a normal practice day on the slopes as I was going to get ready for my USASA Slopestyle competition at Big Bear tomorrow. But when my sister and I got to Mt. High we learned that Monster Energy Drink was hosting a slopestyle competition that included my age group, so I thought what the heck and entered!

The weather was horrible as it was wet and the snow was slushy, but the park set up was sick with a box or rail, a bonk, picnic table and two jumps. On my first run, I hit the box skate style, followed by a tailgrab at the bonk, boardslide on the picnic table. Then I fell on my first jump and grabbed a nose grab on the 2nd jump. Unfortunately, I did the exact same thing on my second run! I fell again on my first jump.

Unfortunately, not hitting that jump clean cost me 2nd place, but I did take 3rd. Not bad for not knowing I was going to compete when I woke up!

First Official Sponsor: S&S Ride Shop

Today was a great day! I officially got my first sponsor, S&S Ride Shop in Riverside. Big ups to them and Brandon for believing in me and my riding abilities. Be sure to check out for all your ski or snowboarding needs this season and if you stop by their shop at 7000 Indiana Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506 and tell em “The Flyin’ Filipino” sent you!

Also, the kind people down at S&S Ride Shop have agreed to sell some of our headwear at their shop and online, so be on the look out for that too!

Again, thanks to S&S Ride Shop and can’t wait to get back on the hill! Please, all of you, start doing your snowdance!!


2012-2012 Season has Officially Started!

It was a long wait, but the season has finally opened! It might be only man-made snow, but its still snow to me.

I got my snow legs back pretty quickly and have already have done some new tricks. Some of the tricks I have been working on have been boardsliding the A-frame, spinning the long box, front boardsliding the bazooka rail and a 50-50, 180 out on the corragated tube. But my favorite so far has been a back lip, front board slide on the bazooka rail!

My dad and I spent Thanksgiving on the hill and l look forward to many more days on the snow (like this weekend!). Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and hope to see you all on the hill soon.


Snowboarding in the Summer!! Seriously!

Flying High on Mt. Hood!

Last month, my dad and I went to to High Cascade Snowboarding Camp in Mt. Hood, OR. I thought it was a great, fun camp. They had tons of different activities to do when you were not snowboarding like skateboarding, the foam pit, and trampolines. I played knock-out with professional snowboarder, Sam Hulbert, and won third place. I wasnt so good at dodge ball but I still won a couple of prizes. And I got hit in the face in dodge ball by the guy who can throw 100 mph, Spiegal!

My group of riders were real cool. One of the best in my group was a kid named Zach from Las Vegas, he is sponsored by Sun & Powder. He was hucking backside 3’s and 5’s with indi grabs! The funniest kid I met was my roommate, Ben. He was hilarious. But the best name went to Matthew, who we called Jose from the Mountains. He liked to say he was a graceful cow!

On the snow, I learned how to do a 7 on a flat box, hit a 30 foot jump and did some spins on the picnic table. I even won first place in the flat box competition with a frontside 7. I won a pair of sick new Anon goggles! Coach Sam Hulbert taught be how to do a 30 ft jump with a nose grab during one of our clinics.

There was a food truck that served hot dogs called Cobra Dogs. They tasted outstanding! My favorite was the cheddaconda, which had cheddar cheese inside of the dog, and the Hot Snake Brat. The Hot Snake Brat was so spicy it almost lit my lips on fire. None of my roommates would eat the Hot Snake Brat, I miss Cobra Dogs!

I had such a good time that I hope I can stay for two sessions next year. Thanks to all my coaches, especially Max, and hope to see my roommates and coaches again.

Newest Team Rider: Abbey Guerrero

The Flyin’ Filipino would like to welcome, Abbey Guerrero, to the family!!!

The newest Flyin’ Filipino Team Rider, Abbey, will be competing against some of the best female snowboarders the country has to offer in the 2012 USASA National Championships later this month in Copper Mountain, CO and will be proudly donning her Flyin’ Filipino gear! The 7 year old who hails from Los Angeles and calls Bear Mountain her home hill, will be competing next week in four disciplines, including Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Boardercross and Rail Jam.

Abbey, whose father is Filipino, began snowboarding in January of 2010. Through her incredible dedication and committment, she has quickly ascended to the top of her class as she finished 6th in Slope Style and 7th in Boardercross in the 2011 USASA Nationals.

Keep up-to-date on Abbey’s competitions via our Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@Aflyingfilipino).

The Flyin’ Filipino apparel line is proud to be working with such a young and talented rider in Abbey and we wish her the best of luck in Nationals! Mabuting suwerte!

The Season is Here, Finally! :)

Well, the snow has finally started to fall. It’s about time! I had a great summer, but it was a little too long. I can’t believe I just said that! But I really missed the snow and snowboarding. Read more

My Summer Vacation

I am back to school from my adventure. I had an incredible summer. My family and I did many things this summer. Mostly everyday I had fun. I would love to share my summer vacation with you.

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Bring on Next Season’s Pow!

Well, the 2010/2011 season has ended and the snow has melted away! Thanks to Mt. High for the awesome season. My sister and I had an excellent time snowboarding with family, friends and teachers. I think my sister and I went snowboarding over 50 times to Mt. High! Read more

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