It All Starts Here!

My sister and I were born in Riverside, CA (one of the hottest places on earth!) and are relatively new to the sport of snowboarding.  In fact, our passion for snowboarding began on Friday February 10th, 2010 (I remember it like it was yesterday, cuz it almost was!).  While my dad was traveling for work, my mom took my sister and I to Mt. High (Wrightwood, CA) for our first snowboarding lesson.  We had so much fun.

My dad was so jealous that Kyra and I went snowboarding without him, that we went back to the mountain two days later.  Although Kyra and I already took lessons, we decided to take some more in order to get better.  My dad took some lessons too.  After our lessons ended in the afternoon, we all met up and took our very first chairlift rides up the hill.

Kyra and I have been hooked on snowboarding ever since, so much so that I decided to have my 7th birthday at Mt. High (two weeks later).  Don’t tell anyone, but my parents pulled us out of school that day to go snowboarding (shhhhhhhhh!).

It wasn’t long before we got our family and friends involved in snowboarding too.  Within a few weeks time, we had a group of 16 of us heading to the mountain regularly trying to get our last runs in before the snow melted.   In fact, we drove to Mammoth late in the season for some spring snowboarding with our cousins.  Snowboarding was starting to consume us!

While we were snowboarding in Mt. High one weekend, my dad noticed quite a few Filipinos on the mountain.  He joked with my mom that we should start a website and clothing line help unite my fellow Filipino snowboarders.   A few short months later, www.theflyinfilipino.com was born!  Actually, you don’t have to be Filipino or a snowboarder to enjoy this site, but rather an enthusiast for life, family and fun!


Keyser James Murphy

March 5th, 2003
Riverside, Ca
Home Slope:
Mt. High, Ca
23 cm
Front 15, Back -15
Flow (120 cm)
S&S Ride Shop, The Flyin' Filipino