It’s official El Nino has arrived and so have I!!!! LOL  So far the season has started off with a bang as I now have 4 sponsors (686, Shock Doctor, JLab Audio and Game on Snacks).  The competition season is in full swing and so far, I have done well.  I took 1st place in two rail jams, second in the other.  I also won one slopestyle competition with a switchback 360, cab 180, straight air and back 360!  I also took 2nd in the other slopestyle.

There is one more rail jam competition as well as one more slopestyle.  If I do well, I am hopeful to qualify for Nationals USASA in Copper Mountain in March in both disciplines!

Thanks again for all your support and especially my sponsors who have hooked me up with their dope products!1st PlaceKeyser Bear Mountain Rail Jam