I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a normal practice day on the slopes as I was going to get ready for my USASA Slopestyle competition at Big Bear tomorrow. But when my sister and I got to Mt. High we learned that Monster Energy Drink was hosting a slopestyle competition that included my age group, so I thought what the heck and entered!

The weather was horrible as it was wet and the snow was slushy, but the park set up was sick with a box or rail, a bonk, picnic table and two jumps. On my first run, I hit the box skate style, followed by a tailgrab at the bonk, boardslide on the picnic table. Then I fell on my first jump and grabbed a nose grab on the 2nd jump. Unfortunately, I did the exact same thing on my second run! I fell again on my first jump.

Unfortunately, not hitting that jump clean cost me 2nd place, but I did take 3rd. Not bad for not knowing I was going to compete when I woke up!