Flying High on Mt. Hood!

Last month, my dad and I went to to High Cascade Snowboarding Camp in Mt. Hood, OR. I thought it was a great, fun camp. They had tons of different activities to do when you were not snowboarding like skateboarding, the foam pit, and trampolines. I played knock-out with professional snowboarder, Sam Hulbert, and won third place. I wasnt so good at dodge ball but I still won a couple of prizes. And I got hit in the face in dodge ball by the guy who can throw 100 mph, Spiegal!

My group of riders were real cool. One of the best in my group was a kid named Zach from Las Vegas, he is sponsored by Sun & Powder. He was hucking backside 3’s and 5’s with indi grabs! The funniest kid I met was my roommate, Ben. He was hilarious. But the best name went to Matthew, who we called Jose from the Mountains. He liked to say he was a graceful cow!

On the snow, I learned how to do a 7 on a flat box, hit a 30 foot jump and did some spins on the picnic table. I even won first place in the flat box competition with a frontside 7. I won a pair of sick new Anon goggles! Coach Sam Hulbert taught be how to do a 30 ft jump with a nose grab during one of our clinics.

There was a food truck that served hot dogs called Cobra Dogs. They tasted outstanding! My favorite was the cheddaconda, which had cheddar cheese inside of the dog, and the Hot Snake Brat. The Hot Snake Brat was so spicy it almost lit my lips on fire. None of my roommates would eat the Hot Snake Brat, I miss Cobra Dogs!

I had such a good time that I hope I can stay for two sessions next year. Thanks to all my coaches, especially Max, and hope to see my roommates and coaches again.